85 Weaverville Highway | Asheville, NC 28804 | 828.253.JAVA (5282)

About the Roasters

For more than 15 years, Asheville Coffee Roasters has been roasting the freshest beans for local residents, restaurants, special events and loyal customers on both coasts—from New York to Seattle.

Andi O'GormanAndi O’Gorman and Greg Bounds founded their Asheville coffee shop to provide a fresh alternative to stale, shelved and mass-produced coffees.

We started as an artisan roaster, hand-roasting small batches of the best varietals from around the world. We continue this tradition today, cooling and packing our specialty roasts daily in foil-gusseted packages with de-gassing valves to preserve freshness. 

Over time, we‘ve perfected the French roast that is now our signature coffee, Pitbull on Crack. We roast our organic beans at a high-temperature listening for that important first “crack.” We sample the lightly roasted beans to ensure a quality roast but leave them on the fire until the second “crack,” which sounds decidedly French.

We could share more about our secret roasting method, but then we’d have to sick our dog on you (oh yeah, it doesn’t bite).